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Easy access. + 20 parking spaces. + Over 3.500 racks positions

Cargo Storage Service

Joint Venture between MENZIES AVIATION and AGUNSA.
Logistics for import cargo + 3.500 pallet positions + 20 parking spaces.

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Who are we?
We are a Joint Venture between MENZIES AVIATION and AGUNSA, two global leading companies in the aeronautical industry and in the areas of logistics, air and sea cargo.

We are strategically located at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, Chile. We have the global experience of MENZIES AVIATION and the regional support of AGUNSA, a union that allows us to provide first class services in a high standard warehouse for import cargo.

We have more than 10,000 m2 of surface area and 3,500 rack positions, in addition to administrative offices, public service facilities, Customs agent services, specific revisions from Customs and other special services for our customers in order to offer an expedite and high quality service.

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World-class experience

We offer first class services for all your business needs.

Our facilities


Independent access: our warehouse is located inside the C.A.M.B. International Airport Bonded Cargo Area, called “Bodega Norte”, and has entrance through Gate 1, which is controlled by Customs and Airport Security staff. We have our own online systems, installed at the entry and exit gates of the Bonded Cargo Area, which support Customs personnel and provides information in advance on the vehicle, driver, customs documentation and identification of the cargo being transported.

More than 20 parking lots: our extensive parking area for cargo pick-up is prepared to satisfy an efficient and expedite operation. We have positions for small and large vehicles, operation area for bulky cargo and its loading (over-dimensionized cargo boom cranes). On the other hand, we have a safe and secure cargo dispatch operation areas for our people, and clear delimitations of circulation areas.

Over 3,500 rack positions and segregated areas: unique positions within which standard palletized cargo spaces are considered. Racks for minor goods and valued items special safeguard or hazardous cargo.


Our facilities are strategically located within Chile’s main air terminal, allowing us to provide a highly cost-effective logistics solution for all those who seek to trade products from anywhere in the world to our country.


Special cargo movement service: we adapt to the different needs of each imported cargo operation according to its nature, whether it is oversized cargo, live animals, machinery and machinery spare parts, among others. For them, we coordinate with the client their schedules, transports and special requirements.


We have a highly trained team ready to provide special cargo handling solutions in an expedite, professional and safe manner, safeguarding our customers’ goods, and always taking care of the success of all our operation.

Environmentally sustainable

At MENZIES AGUNSA IMPORT SERVICES we take care of our environmental footprint, optimizing all the consumption related to our operations, treating appropriately the waste generated, and avoiding the waste of energy and other scarce resources. All this, while maintaining the industry’s high quality standards and providing an effective and efficient service for all our customers’ needs.

24x7 Service

Supervision at all times
Committed to your cargo. We are there for you!

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Solutions for shipping, transport, cargo, logistics, and distribution

MENZIES AGUNSA can handle import cargo direct from Santiago de Chile Airport (SCL), where we also provide cargo warehousing services to a wide range of customers, including Airlines, Shippers, and Customs Brokers.

Guaranteed Service

We offer a service with world-renowned quality, so our entire operation is guaranteed.

Save time

Our vast experience allows all our processes and operations to be perfectly optimized.

Schedule your cargo

We have state-of-the-art warehouse management systems, your cargo will leave and enter our facilities when you require it.

Recognized Staff

From our own collaborators to suppliers, at MENZIES AGUNSA we work only with the best equipment and technology.


Last update: NOV 2023
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Osvaldo Croquevielle 2207
C.A.M.B. Intl. Airport
Santiago de Chile



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